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“A big thank you to our ID, Jess for helping us to realise such a beautiful and cosy home for us. Our theme is Japandi wabisabi. Renovation is never an easy process and of course there bound to have some mistakes here and there. Nonetheless we are able to resolve them all and move in according to our timeline. Appreciate all the effort to make it possible! We started our ID hunt more than 1 year ago before key collection. Visited more than 10 IDs and finally decided to go with Jess.
Her design ideas are unique and we love the mood board created by her. More importantly we can feel the effort and thoughts she put into the design. We trust her taste and let her decide all the materials and color for our home. Final outcome is amazing! Once again a big thank you to Jess! We love our home“

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" We had seen over 10 IDs and Nelson really stood out because he was prepared, thoughtful, and transparent. In our very first session, Nelson prepared the sketch and commercials for us to review. During the discussion, if we wanted to make changes to our idea, he could do it immediately which made our lives easier as we could see whether it was a good or bad idea.

He effortlessly grasped our vision, a modern luxury look and elevated it with his own insightful touches. Even in furniture selection, he gave us ideas on how to complement the overall look and feel of the place. He was quick to respond and was extremely proactive throughout the whole renovation process. We didn’t have to worry about the finer details as Nelson had it covered. For example, we did not want a boxy look in the room and didn’t know how we could design it. Nelson added in a curved wave-like design for our false ceiling which really elevated the entire room. He managed our house amazingly well. He also told us where to reduce cost and helped us to keep within our budget.

In terms of design, aesthetics, conscientiousness, price and transparency, Nelson fit the entire benchmark perfectly.

We really love our house and Nelson brought our 3D to life. "

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" Thank you Orange interior for making our dream home come true. Especially would like to thank Jess for her creativity and collaboration to bring concepts to reality! Her innovative adaptation, of what we originally thought possible only in dreams, was almost surreal.
It has been an amazing and enjoyable journey with Orange interior, walking us thru every step of the process, clearing hurdles as a team and making everything possible. Kudos to Jess, Ivan, Kaze and team! "

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" We found Orange Interior through recommendations from Qanvast, and Jess stood out right off the bat as a designer with the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality in mind, which was what prompted us to work with Orange Interior.

During the planning process, Jess was very considerate to our asks, while being able to carefully plan out other details that may fall out of our consideration zone.

During the renovation stage, the project management side was also done very smoothly, thanks to both Jess and the help of Kaze who would always provide timely responses to our many questions in the group chat, helping us as first time home owners understand the process very thoroughly.

When everything came together at the end, the final look turned out to be even better than what I expected, thanks to the meticulous planning and job well done by the vendors (tiler, carpentry, painter etc) as well.

Overall very satisfied and will have been recommending Orange Interior to our family and friends, keep up the good work Jess and team! "

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" Got to know about Orange Interior while i was browsing my through my FB feed, at the point of time actively looking at ID companies for my new home. My first impression was that the company was very responsive and systematic because after chatting for a bit, the sales rep quickly created a whatsapp group which consisted of the assigned ID, sales rep, account rep, etc.
Out of 4 IDs which my husband & I surveyed, we finally chose Orange Interior because
1) the proposed quotation seemed the most value-for-money
2) we liked our ID Guo Liang as he seemed the most suitable in terms of the ideas he gave & his personality
3) the office/showroom was big and speaks credibility
We were very pleased with Guo Liang as he is a very “steady” guy, very professional, responsive, and also easy to work with.
He has a good eye and gives good recommendation, at the same time gives us space and options to decide what we like. He is very straight to the point and professional which is what we personally prefer. He has good initiative; for example fixing small things and making small improvements that we did not even notice at first, and calling in the gas company for us without us asking. Whenever we have an issue, he would respond fast and try to get it fixed as soon as possible. We heard some horror stories of IDs, but we are lucky & glad that we got a good & efficient one 👍🏼
From the beginning we wanted a modern victorian, white/clean sleek concept for our house, and we are happy with how it turned out. Thank you Guo Liang & Orange Interior!👍🏼 "

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" We went through our Reno journey together with Ruixiang of Orange Interior. We chose orange out of 10 other interior design firms because we really felt a connection with Ruixiang and, of course, the prices involved fits our range.
Throughout the process Orange Interior provided sound advices and outstanding artistic recommendations. We love how our home looks like now! I even recommended them to some of my friends who are looking for a good ID. "

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" A great shout out to ID Rui Xiang for helping us in designing, managing and coordinating our full renovation process.

We are delighted with the full modern lux/contemporary project. He have provided great information and assistance in selecting various materials for our carpentry/tiles/table top and many more.

The full project accomplished in less than 3 months and the results are way beyond our expectation! "

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Dasmond Koh's Humble Crib

Minimalist Monochrome
Designer: Jess Lim
Jess has designed a minimalist monochrome aesthetic specifically to suit Dasmond Koh's preferences. This room seamlessly integrates functionality with style, embodying simplicity, functionality, and elegance through its sleek lines and clutter-free spaces.
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